How many times can I take a quiz/test? What are Re-Take Passes?

Every student has ONE attempt ONLY on every activity.  You have 5 Re-take passes to use on any items you want, except TST exams with a non-zero score and the Final exam.

You can use the passes on CST exams, homework, or any item of your choice, where you would like to improve your grade.  You can even use all of your passes on the same activity.   

You will need to use one of your five Re-Take passes if you want to make up overdue zero work. Speak with your teacher if you want to use your Re-Take pass on a test.  

If you want to use a Re-Take pass for homework, when you submit the homework online, simply add a comment in the same Apex Message box where you paste your document's shareable link.

Every student has a maximum of 5 passes, no additional passes can be given by your teacher. Once they have all been used, you cannot retake any further assignments.  

Many students strategically wait until they are close to the end of the class then use the passes on the 5 lowest graded items. If you do not use all of your passes, they are simply forfeited.  

A very important note to remember: Once you take the final exam, you cannot go back and use any of your retake passes.  

The only stipulation is that all 5 passes must be used prior to taking the final exam AND you cannot retake the final exam.

So.....before you take your final exam, be sure you PLAN AHEAD, and allow enough time to retake any activities you would like to try for a higher score BEFORE the due date of your final exam.