What if I got a zero because I missed the due date, what can I do?

Just use your re-take pass.  Remember you get a total of 5 re-take passes to use however you would like. You can use them for any activity: a test, a quiz, or your homework, or you can use them on items that you received a zero on because you missed the due date.  

You must use all Re-take Passes before you take the final exam, but you can use them any time you would like thru-out the class.  

The ONLY exception where you can not use a Re-Take pass is for a TST.  (Note: TST's are ONLY in A-G classes.) Once you have taken a TST you cannot retake it.  If you got a zero because it was overdue, you can use a re-take pass.  However once you have a non-zero score on a TST, you CANNOT retake that exam.

Some students strategically wait until close to the end of the class, then use the re-take passes on the items worth the most points that they did not score well on. Just be sure you use the passes BEFORE you take the final exam.  Once you take the final exam, you cannot go back and re-take anything.  

Use your 5 Re-Take passes wisely, teachers are NOT able to issue any more than 5 passes.