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My child is in an A-G math class, what do I need to know?

For A-G Math students only, the completion of ALL study sheets in each unit will take the place of the TST exam. 

Students are REQUIRED to complete the study sheets for all A-G Math classes. These practice assignments are excellent preparation and have sample problem reviews prior to taking the quizzes. These Study Sheets must be submitted prior to taking the unit CST and are graded.  The study sheets are graded not for accuracy but rather completion of work. A complete set of unit study sheets will count as 100% on the unit TST.  Students cannot take the unit CST exam Until all check up study sheets have been submitted.

There is a direct correspondence between the study sheets and the quizzes in the unit.  For that reason it is highly recommended that students complete the study sheets PRIOR to taking each quiz as opposed to completing them all at once at the end of the unit.

A-G Math students will not be able to take the unit exams until all of the study sheets in the unit have been completed.  

View the document below to see how to access your study sheets.



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