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I am remediating a College Prep (A-G) class, do I need to come to every class?

College Preparatory (A-G) classes in Math, English, and Biology are rigorous courses and as such require a full commitment to both in class instruction or examination and online work at home. The goal of students remediating an A-G class, is to improve the grade and to return to college bound scholastic work. For this reason it is imperative that students attend the orientation and every complete work each week thereafter during the instructional period.  Students should also plan to spend approximately 15-20 hours per week per class completing online work at home.  

Most students find it is best to attend every week.  If however you have conflicts during one week, you can "double up" on another. Keep in mind these are 18 week courses that you are squeezing into a shortened session and missing one week means squeezing more into another week. Some course have weekly lectures that cannot be made up if you do not attend.

For students in Biology only one session can be made up.  This is a University of California lab requirement and if a student misses more than one lab, they will not be able to pass the course.  

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