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When will I know what my Orientation time is (A-G students only)?

When your Academic Advisor creates a referral, email will go to your parents within 2 weeks. It explains how summer in an online class works and includes a link to our summer provider, OFL.  Your parents will need to sign online permission forms before you can be enrolled.

After your parents sign the forms, look for a second email in late June with exact details about your specific time for Orientation.

Please note: Students taking only Health and Non A-G (online, not packet-based) will take the entire class online, coming in only to see your teacher if you need assistance.  Your Orientation is provided online via a video.

You can also check the information by selecting the link on this site after June 29 labeled Summer Portal.  You will use this Portal every day to track your work. All of your information about who your teacher is, recommended due dates, grades and lots more will be provided. 

Just like during the regular high school year, classes and teachers are balanced according to number of students and courses offered.  No requests for specific Orientation times/days can be granted as  orientations occur based on your specific class.


Very generally:

Orientations will be on Thursday June 27th or Friday June 28th sometime between 8am-2pm and will last for approximately 2 hours.




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