My child has a 504 Accommodation Plan, what happens in the summer?

Please be advised that the summer program is an accelerated program that requires students to independently learn, and then submit online, weekly homework and classwork prior to taking weekly exams.  Thus, for students that currently have a Section 504 Plan on file with CUSD, please note that any regular school year agreed upon accommodations allowing extra time to submit homework or complete class work, cannot be provided during the shortened summer program.  If your child is not able to comply with the weekly homework/classwork turn in requirement of the summer program, an opportunity to take an online class is also offered at an un-accelerated pace, during the regular school year.  If you would like a Section 504 Team meeting convened to discuss what accommodations, if any, are necessary for your child to have an equal opportunity to participate in the 504 program, please contact your school site’s Section 504 Coordinator.