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I am taking two classes, do I have to come twice every week?

That depends..... on what classes you are taking:

Remember: It is a CUSD requirement that ALL students enrolled in ALL A-G classes,  take ALL exams in person.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Biology (2 semesters): You will attend only once for both classes, and the in-class lab work you do will count for both semesters. You can makeup only one lab/class session for the entire summer.

A combination of any two other classes:  If you are enrolled in any two unique A-G subject areas, you must fulfill the requirements for both.  For example, if you are in Biology and Math, you must meet the requirements for each individual class, that includes in person exams.   Every effort is made to reduce the number of trips you will make to the school, but you must plan to meet all requirements for both classes. 

Any combination of 2 NON A-G classes, including Health: You do not need to attend for any reason other than to receive support from your teacher.  You can take NON A-G exams at home.

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