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What is Open Seating?

Open seating is available to all students except Biology.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you can be meet with your teacher during regular school hours.   Come as often as you like for any reason. Just go to your regular classroom and see your regular teacher. Be sure to allow sufficient time to take your exam, if that is your reason for coming.  Please be respectful of your teacher's time.  Teachers will not open an exam if there is not sufficient time left in the school day to take an exam.

Open seating is used for any reason what-so-ever. You can use Open seating if you want to finish the class early too. No one asks why you come, just come if you want/need to.

If you are enrolled in two courses, you can take exams for both classes in the same period if you have the same teacher.  If you have two different teachers, you will need to meet with both teachers.

Open Seating is NOT available to students remediating Biology.   Biology students will do a make up lab in the regular scheduled class.



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