How do the CUSD Online classes work?

ALL classes require in-person exam testing: This is a very flexible requirement.  Come any time any day that is convenient for you during school hours.  Take multiple exams on one day if you would like. Just be sure to allot sufficient time to complete the exam before the final bell rings for the school day.


All students (except A-G Geometry for acceleration) that take two courses will work in both classes simultaneously during the summer school session.

A-G Biology classes require in-person labs to meet the University of California laboratory requirement. Students in Biology, will learn from their teachers how to fulfill these requirements.  Students taking more than one Biology course can complete the same lab for both classes.  ALL students take ALL exams in person.

A-G English classes: Students attend a Writer's Workshops and submit the written work in class. Students will learn from their teachers how to complete the writing assignments. Additionally, free tutoring is available during all summer school hours for any student requiring assistance. ALL students take ALL exams in person.

Health and Non A-G classes: ALL students take ALL exams in person.

A-G Classes: Geometry:  Optional in-person free tutoring from CUSD Math teachers is available. These tutoring periods are offered during all school hours to provide flexibility for students.   ALL  students take ALL exams in person.

For those students taking A-G Geometry for acceleration ONLY: this is the only course where you will complete semester one before beginning semester two.  If you do not do as well as you had planned in semester one, there is no reason to continue to complete semester two as you will not earn accelerated credit.


Most classes work this way:

Students complete the majority of the work at home.  All students take all exams in person. 

Each class, although the subject may be very different, consists of the same 3 items:

1. Quizzes (done at home online)

2. Homework (done at home, submitted through the student portal)

3. Exams (ALL students take all exams in person, all exams are weighted.