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How do the CUSD Online classes work?

HEALTH is offered 100% online.  You do not need to come to campus unless you want to meet with your teacher for assistance or questions or you prefer to work on campus.

Non A-G classes are also 100% online. If you want to come in at any time during regular summer school hours, teachers are always available for assistance.  In some cases, students taking a NON A-G class using packet work, will meet weekly with their teacher.

A-G Classes: Geometry and Algebra are Hybrid classes.  Optional in-person instructional lessons are provided with open labs and free tutoring from CUSD Math teachers is available. These instructional periods are offered several times each week to provide flexibility for students.  Additional credit is available for students that attend both lectures and open labs. ALL A-G students take ALL exams in person.

A-G Biology classes require weekly attendance to meet the University of California laboratory requirement. Students in Biology, must attend a weekly lab session.  Students taking more than one Biology course can complete the same lab for both classes. One missed class is allowed. ALL A-G students take ALL exams in person.

A-G English classes: An open lab with free tutoring is available during all summer school hours for any student requiring assistance. In some cases additional credit is available to English students that attend a minimum number of open labs.


Most classes work this way:

Students complete the majority of the work at home.  Students meet once weekly to take exams, seek assistance or attend a lecture or lab. 

Each class, although the subject may be very different, consists of the same 3 items:

1. Quizzes (done at home online)

2. Homework (done at home, submitted online)

3. Exams (done in person, all exams are weighted) Except Health and Non A-G classes.


Students that are enrolled in two College Preparatory:A-G courses must meet all requirements for both classes. (see FAQ on taking two classes).

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