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I am still a little confused, what should I do?

If you are still confused you should do a few things:

1. Watch the Orientation Video or watch any of the other relevant videos on this support site. 

3. Email or Text your teacher, they are here to help you. Give you teacher 24 hours to respond on school days. Remember in the summer, teachers have the weekend off too. They will respond during school hours on school days Mondays thru Thursdays between 9am-2pm.

4. Rather see your teacher face to face? Jump into your teacher's Google Meet, they are here for you and are waiting for students to see them.  Even though you haven't known them for very long, they are all highly qualified CUSD teachers that are here to help you.  Teachers are available Mondays-Thursdays during regular school hours (9am-1:30pm).


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