What is the CUSD Summer Online Portal?

The Summer School Portal will not be active until the first day of school.

The Portal is where you will view all of your information.  You will be able to see who your teacher is, what class you are in, and much more.  You will need your 7 digit permid to access your information.

This is also where you will find all of your progress and grade information.  Everything you and your parents used Canvas for during the school year; in the summer you will use the Summer Online Portal in the same way with even more info.

You will find recommended due dates, your grade on everything you have completed, your progress to date, and your current grade in the class.

This is also where you will submit all of your Homework and use any retakes.

Use this daily to check everything and to stay on track, information is updated hourly so it is extremely accurate.

Just select the Blue Quick link labeled "Summer Portal" from this support site to see all of this valuable information.