How do I drop my SUMMER class?


You MUST drop the class no later than July 8. A parent must confirm the drop in order to be dis-enrolled from your class.

If you do not drop the class by July 8, the course and associated grade earned will appear or your permanent transcript.


1. If it is BEFORE the regular school year ends:

Please speak directly with your Counselor.


2. If it is after the start of summer school:

You have 2 options to drop the class:

Drop In-Person:

1. Have your parent come to the Summer School Office located at CVHS. 

Drop online:

2. To Drop online:

From this support site: (you will need to wait until your classes are posted on the first day of summer school.)

1.Select the  "STUDENT PORTAL" blue link then login.

2. Select ”Drop Request” from the top navigation bar. 

3. Select the course(s) to drop 

4. A parent must confirm the drop  by clicking the link in the email you will receive. Note: Without parental confirmation, the student will NOT be dropped. The email that is used is the parent email/emails on file in Aeries.

The student is then dropped. No record of the class will appear on the CUSD transcript.