How do I get Started?

The mandatory Orientation assignment is completed and submitted online. Students that do not submit the Orientation assignment by June 30 will be dropped from the class. 


Although not required, it is strongly recommended that students attend an in-person Orientation session during the first two weeks of school. Orientation sessions will be offered every hour on the hour during school hours for the first two weeks of summer school. Attending an in-person Orientation session will give students the opportunity to meet their teacher and to thoroughly understand any requirements specific to their class. In past years, student success was directly linked to attendance at an Orientation session.

Summer students: Please note your class and password information will NOT be available on the student portal until the first day of school.

  1. Attend the in-person Orientation.  These are given during the first two weeks of summer school every hour on the hour during school hours. 
  2. Watch all five videos first.  These will explain how to do everything needed in the class. (Blue Quick Link located on this support site)
  3. Find your login credentials located on the student portal. (Blue quick link)
    1. Apex username: located on the student portal 
    2. Apex password: located on the student portal 
  4. Login to Apex using the Blue Quick link. Apex is the name of the software you will use for your class.
  5. Complete the first assignment: It is the first Activity in your Apex class it is called "Orientation Assignment".  Pay close attention to this assignment, every question asked will be important throughout the class. This assignment will help you navigate everything you need to be successful in the course.
  6. View the student portal (Blue Quick Link) to see what activities should be completed.  The dates listed are recommended; these due dates are there to help you pace yourself but are not required dates.  You can work ahead and finish early or complete work beyond the recommended  due date without penalty. All work MUST be completed by Noon (12pm) on the last day of summer school.
  7. Get to work right away, and do not hesitate to stop in and see your teacher any time for any reason during school hours.