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Getting Started: What do I need to do?

Fall & Spring students: Please note: Your class & password information will not be available until you have attended Orientation and have been enrolled by your teacher.

Your class is available on July 1, you should plan to begin work on July 1. Consider July 1 your first day of summer school.

  1. Watch all five videos first.  These will explain how to do everything needed in the class. (Blue Quick Link)
  2. Find your login credentials located on the student portal. (Blue quick link)
    1. Apex username: located on the student portal on July 1
    2. Apex password: located on the student portal on July 1
  3. Login to Apex using the Blue Quick link. Apex is the name of the software you will use for your class.
  4. Complete the first assignment: Activity B2- The Orientation Assignment.  Pay close attention to this assignment, every question asked will be important throughout the class. This assignment will help you navigate everything you need to be successful in the course.
  5. Begin working in the class, contact your teacher directly either by email or in person with any questions.
  6. View the student portal (Blue Quick Link) to see what activities should be completed.  The dates listed are recommended; these due dates are there to help you pace yourself but are not required dates.  You can work ahead and finish early or complete work beyond the due date without penalty. All work MUST be completed by 1pm on July 25.
  7. Get to work right away, and do not hesitate to come in or email your teacher with any questions.  Teachers are available Mondays-Thursdays from 9am-1:30pm, July 1-July 25.
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