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What are the dates of Summer School in 2020?

Summer School 2020 will begin on July 1 and will run from July 1 through July 23.  Summer will be online. July 3 is a CUSD District holiday. If you decide to drop your class, you must do so before midnight, July 15 or you will receive a final grade on your permanent transcript.

Here is how summer school will operate:

You will receive email from your teacher on June 28.  They will introduce themselves to you and they will provide a link to their Google classroom.  On June 29 you will watch an introductory video from your teacher all about them and all about your new class. 

Class begins on July1.

You will use a software program called Apex Learning to complete all of your work.  Your teacher will be available to you Mondays-Thursdays from 9am-2pm just for you.  You can reach them during these hours via email, via text, or if you would like they will also be available for face to face visits via Google meet during these same hours. So, in summary that is lots of contact for you to get any help you might need.

Some classes such as Geometry and Biology or Chemistry will also have weekly video lectures and/or labs for you to watch of your teachers.  Some classes will also have additional tutorials sessions with your teachers. All classes will post on Fridays what to expect for the upcoming week, what you should be working on and where you should be at as far as pacing goes. Every Monday your teacher will meet you again to review what you should be working on and to check in with everyone to be sure you are on track.

Remember in summer you have only 4 weeks to complete what you would normally have done in 16 weeks, so there is no time to procrastinate. 

You will need to complete all work by noon (12pm) on July 23.

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