Why do I have to add a cell number and email address on my student portal?

During the Summer because daily attendance is not required, it is vitally important to you that we are able to contact you. When your teacher needs to tell you that you may have submitted something incorrectly, or you need to speak with them, the only way for them to reach you is via text or email. 

Be sure you provide an email that you check daily, and be sure to check daily.  Teachers will only text you when it is important for you to contact them. Summer is such a shortened session that teachers do not have the luxury of spending a week or two tracking down accurate information for you.  It is up to you to provide that information in your very first assignment on your very first day.

When you log into the portal on your first day, make sure the information we have is accurate and if it is not be sure to update it immediately. Accurate communication with your teacher will be one of the most important keys to your success in summer school.