Are there any Mandatory Requirements in Summer School?

There are only three mandatory summer requirements:
1. Students will complete the majority of work online at home, but are required to take exams in person.
2. All work must be completed no later than noon on the last day of summer school.
3. Students must complete and submit the mandatory Orientation assignment online no later than June 30.Students that do not submit the Orientation assignment by June 30 will be dropped from the class.

There is a great deal of flexibility for students to take exams in person and complete course work. Students can attend for testing, tutoring, questions, or for a quiet place to work on any day or time that is convenient. Many students choose to take multiple exams in one sitting, reducing the number of in-person testing days to 2-3 days over the course of the 6 week summer session. Students can complete their class before the last day of school or as late as the last day of school. With this flexibility in mind, students can arrange to take their exams so that they can still take family vacations, attend sports camps, or hold a summer job.

The mandatory Orientation assignment is completed and submitted online. Students that do not submit the Orientation assignment by June 30 will be dropped from the class. Although not required, it is strongly recommended that students attend an in-person Orientation session during the first two weeks of school. Orientation sessions will be offered every hour on the hour during school hours for the first two weeks of summer school. Attending an in-person Orientation session will give students the opportunity to meet their teacher and to thoroughly understand any requirements specific to their class. In past years, student success was directly linked to attendance at an Orientation session.