What if I am miss a class? I was sick, or I had a sporting event, or I just forgot...

Regardless of missing a class, your due dates do not change. You must make arrangements with your Credit Recovery teacher to take tests on or before the test due date.

All homework and quizzes can be completed online outside of class, therefore they must be done on or before their due dates, regardless of attendance. If you know you have an event coming up, simply complete the activities ahead of time.  All due dates are listed for the entire class on your first day of class on the Student Portal.

There is nothing to stop you from working as far ahead in the class as you would like. Only the exams will be taken in person.  You can complete all work in unit 5 and unit 6 then take the exam for both units when you meet your teacher.  

You also have 10 Re-Take passes to use for any reason.  If you miss an assigned due date and get a zero, use your Re-Take pass to clear the zero.