How can I help my child be successful in the online class?

1. Monitor the due dates.  Students receive zeros for any work not completed by midnight on the date assigned.  The number one reason students fail a class is they do not complete the work on time.  Students receive 10 Re-Take passes to use on any item of their choosing to make up these zeros, however, once the Retake passes have been exhausted, students can no longer "retake" any more activities. 

2. Remind your child to use the study sheets as a guide for each exam.  These study sheets are not factored into the student's grade. Study sheets provide useful review prior to the quizzes and can be used again to review for the unit exams. The study sheets are also great preparation for the final exam.

3. Remind your child to do any preparatory work prior to taking quizzes.  Many students skip over the reading and jump right to the quizzes, then do poorly.  All material prior to the quizzes, although not scored, prepares the student for the quizzes.

4. If you know your student is not an independent worker, monitor the progress closely, then be sure to contact the Counselor and drop the class within the 30 calendar day drop deadline. This will eliminate a poor grade appearing on the permanent CUSD transcript.