My child is remediating a low grade, what happens on the permanent transcript to my child's grade?

In an A-G, college prep course, the original grade remains on the transcript but is indicated with an (R) to show that the class has been repeated.  The new grade replaces the original grade in all future GPA calculations. When students self-report on college applications, they can indicate the repeated grade.  Final transcripts sent to the University will include both grades, noting the course was repeated.

Note that for the grade to be replaced in GPA calculations, the student must remediate the identical course.  

For students that remediate a NON A-G class in place of an A-G class the original grade is not indicated with an (R), rather if the course codes are not the same, the two grades will both appear and both will factor into any GPA calculations. The newly remediated class will count for graduation requirements, but will not replace the original grade.

If you are unsure of what class your child is remediating or whether it is identical, check with your child's Counselor.