How Does the class Work?

Students in AM/PM sessions complete 90% of the work in the course online on their own time.  This is designed for independent students.  The CUSD district requirement is that exams must be taken in person.  Students meet at their assigned time to check in, have questions answered and to take any exams, but the majority of the work is done independently.

Students in a DAY session, meet during a regular scheduled school period. It is part of their regular school bell schedule.  These students can complete work and take exams in class. DAY students can also work outside of class.

ALL students must meet the assigned due dates as indicated in the Student Portal  progress report.  Work not completed by midnight on the assigned due date is automatically scored as a zero at 12:01am.

Students in A-G classes have 14 weeks to complete the course, students enrolled in NON A-G courses have 9 weeks to complete the course.  Health is a NON A-G classes.