My child missed some due dates and now has zeros...

All activities have assigned due dates, you can check your child's due dates and work in the Student Portal on this site.  Any items not completed by midnight on the assigned due date are scored as a zero at 12:01am.  

Students have 10 Re-take passes to use on any items they would like, except the Final exam.  

These passes can be used on activities that were recorded as a zero because the student missed an assigned due date. These passes can be used on CST exams, homework, or any item of a student's choice, where they would like to improve a grade.  Students can even use all of the passes on the same activity. 

Every student has a maximum of 10 passes, no additional passes can be given.  Once they have all been used, students cannot retake any further assignments.  

Many students strategically wait until they are close to the end of the class then use the passes on the 10 lowest graded items that are worth the most points. If all of the passes are not used, they are simply forfeited.  

A very important note to remember: Once a student takes the final exam, they cannot go back and use any of the retake passes.  

All retake passes must be used prior to taking the final exam AND students cannot retake the final exam.

So.....students should PLAN AHEAD, and allow enough time to retake any activities BEFORE the due date of the final exam.

To use a retake pass, go to the Student Portal and select any item that you want to retake.  For more information watch the Video on this site labeled "Retake Passes". Contact your teacher if you want to use a retake pass on any exams that are locked.