I am enrolled in a DAY class, what will my AI grade be?

Students who are in Credit Recovery during a regular class period receive  BOTH a grade for the Apex classes they take and for the remediated class itself. Your AI (Academic Intervention) class grade earns you elective credit and is based upon the number of Apex classes you complete, your participation, and your class participation.

A guideline all teachers use is the following: 

A.  Complete three or more classes: Your grade in the AI class is the average of the top two grades earned.

B. Complete two classes:Your grade in the AI class is the average of the two grades earned

C. Complete only one class: You will not receive any elective credit, a grade of NC will appear on your transcript

D. Complete no classes: You will receive an F in the AI class.


Note: Students remediating a class during an AM/PM session do NOT earn any additional elective credit.